Pay Per Click

Per Click.

Pay Per Click is defined as internet marketing model following which the advertisers pay for each click by visitor on Ads. Its essentially buying visits of target buyer groups. On Search engine advertisers bid for ad placement on keyword related to offering. When user queries any given word eg. "Delhi or Chandigarh" on google the keyword match ads are shown.

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The best way to let people know about your Business is to advertise. Pay PerClick Advertising is a technique to advertise your products & services to target demographics to make them visit your site. You will want to attract targeted audience only as every click costs you money.

Strategic Keyword Groups.

At Techno Blueprints every Ad campaign we create is backed by in-depth keyword research. We use latest tools and techniques to understand trends, topic and user queries in your niche.

Bid Management.

At Techno Blueprints our team specializes in ensuring specific Ad settings which optimizes your Ad campaigns in terms of views, click through rates and goal completion.

Ad Creatives.

Creating visually explicit, engaging and relevant Ads so that you get maximum reach for maximum return on clients Ad spends.


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